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Hoodoo Divination

Sample Loteria Readings


C asks: “How can I best support my daughter through her depression?”


#20. El Pajaro

#49 El Pino

#48 La Chalupa


The first card says to not flutter around doing something for your daughter; the suggestion is to do something significant and focused.  Not scattered all over the place. No patchwork solutions; something consistent and long terms.


The second card tells me that both you and your daughter are stronger than you guys give yourself credit for.  You both grow straight and tall like a tree.  Also, what is coming to me personally is that being in nature will help (i.e. natural walks) and also natural remedies.  I’m not knocking pills or therapy or Western medicine at all, esp. if that works for your daughter. I’m saying that in addition to whatever traditional modalities you are using, alternative medicine is something to look into for help.  And I am personally strongly getting the “back to nature, nature walking” feeling.  


The last card is a woman on a boat.  I feel this means that your support of your daughter is vital to her.  You will have to carry her for a while. You’re her boat.  But not for always.  Eventually, she will be her own boat and carry herself.


 D asks: I'd like to look into influences over the next few months I just started  school, and broke ties with some people. Lots of changes


#47 La Corona

#19 La Garza

#51 La Palma


Your first card tells me that you are utilizing your head (your brain) to its fullest extent --- so the  school is a terrific endeavor for you right not.  It’s also telling me that the decision you made about your family was a wise and rational one. You used your head about it, making a thoughtful decision.  By wearing this “crown” you took ownership and leadership of your life.


The second card tells me that you are quite capable of taking care of yourself.  You are independent. This card is also a nice counterpoint to the first card.  The heron in the card is in water…birds are symbols of Air (the intellect) but this bird has its feet in the water (a symbol of emotion).  This tells me that in the next few months, you will have to combine your rational intellectual mind with your heart in decision making.  There will be some situations in which both mind and heart will have to work together to solve some problems.

The last card tells me that a reward awaits you. There is something that you desire and are working for that you will get.  A thing that is close to your heart.  It’s a prize you have waited and worked for a long time. It will be yours in time.  I’m also getting from this card a warning not to exhaust yourself with over work.  Take time to enjoy yourself, rest and recuperate. Go to some fun places and relax. You’ll need it. Because otherwise you might find yourself working too hard and neglecting other parts of your life.


Barbara. “Should I ask my boyfriend about moving in together?”


#26 El Negrito

#25 El Borracho

#32 El Musico

Your first card tells me that your boyfriend is something of a sweet talker, a good dresser, a dandy type.  He’s very charming. You really connect with his ways. He’s an optimistic person even when facing difficulties, he just has a good attitude about everything.


Your second card, “The Drunk”, indicates though that he might have some addiction problems or impulse control problems. He acts on a whim.  He’s so optimistic that he thinks he can do everything. Possibly a very all over the place, scattered kind of person? Unfocused?


Your third card indicates that your boyfriend has a lot of gifts and talents that he doesn’t want to use or refuses to use or not interested. This is frustrating! It’s the classic “not applying yourself” or “not living up to your potential.” You hope that if you live together, perhaps that will motivate him.


 M asks:  “Will I get my promotion this year?”


#31 Las Jaras

#30 El Camaron

#24 El Cotorro


Your first card indicates that it will be difficult getting the promotion.  Like a battle. You will have to keep trying, with each try like shooting an arrow.  The promotion is tied to some action or job or duty that you must do…you have to do something extra for it.


Your second card is The Shrimp which advises NOT being passive. Don’t hang back. Don’t hesitate or make yourself small. Be assertive. Make yourself seen.


Your third card warns about office politics and gossip. Make sure no one speaks against you. Make sure people say positive things about you. Mend any broken fences and get on everyone’s good side.  Also, generally, don’t engage in gossip. Also, don’t *be* a parrot in the sense that you just agree or repeat everything other people say. Make yourself noticed by saying things that make you unique and distinctive.


 S asks: “I want to know if a past boyfriend who has come back into my life after twenty years will be my husband.”


#46 El Sol

#06 La Sirena

# 05 El Paraguas


Your first card El Sol – The Sun is an optimistic, hopeful card that indicates a good outcome for you. Your hopes are on track and have a good chance. However, the card is countered by El Paraguas – The Umbrella protecting you from the dark and down pouring rain.  La Sirena indicates being carried away by emotion.


Overall, I’d say that he has come back for a reason but your emotions are running VERY high right now and you are hoping for a lot right now, possibly hoping for too much.  It may be that you are too eager or rushing things. Or he is coming on very strong out of passion and eagerness, and this has led you to believe there is more to it than is really the case.


My personal suggestion is slow down and wait & see. The reading cautions against hoping for too much too soon.  Your emotions are bouncing from high hopes to serious doubts. You look to The Sun in hope and yet you are partially submerged in water. You are living in two modes! Let things go smoothly for a while and let your emotional stabilize.  You will soon figure out how this relationship is going to go! Good luck!




C asks: My man has been away we've not had communication since. When might he be home or at least hear from him??


#29 El Tambor

#03 La Dama

#15 La Pera


The first card tells me that he wants you and thinks of you but things are not as they appear. Meaning, he has not communicated with you not because he doesn’t want you but for other reasons.  Reasons you don’t know or are not sure of.


The second cards tells me that you are handling this a lot better than others might in a similar situation.  You have strength and tenacity.  You are also very very brave about this situation! You’ve managed to go about your daily life and get things done just as if you are not worried sick about him!!! La Dama is a well dressed, capable looking woman --- so are you!!!


The last card says “Do not despair.” To make yourself feel better, you must take an action of some kind. I don’t know what kind that is.  If you contacted the military, would they respond to you about him? One of you is giving up on this situation, meaning one of you feels helpless and unable to get anything done. However, back to El Tambor (the drum): sound is a form of communication; I’m wondering if you could communicate somehow to him spiritually through sound or music.  Sounds like an odd suggestion, but it popped into my head. Is there a favorite song that the two of you share?



R asls: “Will I ever have a long lasting loving marriage?”


#02 El Diablito

#35 La Estrella

#45 El Venado

 Your first card tells me that you have a strong, almost overwhelming urge for love.  Love is the most important thing in your life.  This need has made you go for men who have been not good for you --- because you have not chosen well, you have needed love but been blind to the man’s darker nature. You’ve ignored the warning signs about past men.


Your second card tells me a couple of things. 1. You have a guiding force in your life that you need to build a relationship with. This guiding force will give you advice about relationships and love. I do not know who this guiding force is for you, but the card says it’s there for you. 2. Seek out spirituality based relationships.  Ones that are based on higher principles, Divine Celestial Love. Love is heavenly and pure. The first card that you had indicates that maybe you were more focused on the mundane, physical, more ordinary passions associated with love --- sex, attraction, money, fine dining, ritzy activities. So this second card says move away from that and seek relationships that are more heart centered, value oriented, and spiritually minded.

 The last card tells me that you are now very shy and skittish about relationships. You hide yourself.  You worry that you’ll be hurt again, or that people won’t like you.  You don’t want to be taken advantage of again. It will take time to be brave again and this is where the La Estrella card will come in handy --- your guiding angel, your spiritual mentor whomever that might be, will give you advice and help you.